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Modasto is the global fashion platform that collects offers of fashion brands from all over the world.

Find & discover. We help our clients to find & discover items they love.

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Quality traffic for the best price

  • We provide visitors to your shop, who are already interested in your product
  • Conversion is twice as high as the standard search advertisement
  • No fees for setup or monthly payments. You pay for unique clicks
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New customers, more sales and increase of brand awareness

  • Quick and easy way to increase sales
  • New audience. Approximately 75% of our customers will see your store for the first time
  • On average, 45% buyers who have followed from us remain loyal to your store and make repeat purchasing

Clear statistics and reports

  • Real-time statistics and billing in your personal account
  • We mark the traffic so that you can analyze the behavior of users followed in any analytics system
  • We prompt how to analyze with Google Analytics, if necessary
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Easy access to world markets

  • Become visible to the global audience of Modasto
  • Choose markets and regions where you want to sell
  • This is a great way to study the demand for your products abroad

Easy start

  • It's simple. Add your contact information and a link to the product feed
  • Any XML-feed structure is possible.
  • We need only one day to prepare, then your goods are displayed on Modasto
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Des promotions s'il vous plaît!


Des promotions s'il vous plaît!

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